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Tomatoes cherry black 0.25 kg pack


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  • The color of a Black cherry tomato is an indicator of the stage of maturity. At its first sign of ripeness, the tomato will have a signature brown coloring with green shoulders, and it will be firm to the touch, with a blend of sweet and tart flavors. As it ripens, the green deepens to brown, the flesh becomes slightly tender, and the flavor richens. At the peak of their maturity, Black cherry tomatoes are low in acidity and they develop a smoky and sweet flavor. The Black cherry tomato plant produces large clusters of one-inch round tomatoes on vigorous, tall, indeterminate plants that are easy to grow, as they can be grown in the greenhouse or outdoors in a sunny spot.

  • Black cherry tomatoes are preferred for eating fresh, on their own or in a salad, though they also lend themselves to being flash grilled or roasted. Black cherry tomatoes can easily replace common red tomatoes in pizza and salsa recipes, and they also work nicely in sauces and soups. They pair well with cheeses like pecorino and parmesan. Other complementary pairings include citrus, melons, eggplant, mushrooms, mild and hot chilies, poultry, seafood, vinaigrettes, aged balsamic vinegar, herbs, such as basil and cilantro, and cream-based sauces, such as bechamel. Like all varieties.

  • Store Black cherry tomatoes away from direct sunlight at room temperature until ripe and ready to use, after which refrigeration can slow the process of decay and prevent them from ripening further.