Strawberries, 0.25 Kg, Pack

Category: fresh fruit, red, tunisia

  • Strawberries have an overall conical heart shape and can vary in size depending upon cultivar and growing conditions. All varieties of Strawberries have seeds on their exterior rather than their interior, which distinguishes them from a berry and a true fruit.
    These strawberries are harvested early to avoid bruises. They have a bright red sheen when fully ripe and a juicy yet firm texture. While sugar contents can vary from sweet-tart to candy-like syrup, Strawberries maintain a balanced acidity level.

  • Place your unwashed strawberries on top in a single layer, then cover with a lid or plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to use, ideally within seven days. If you notice one of the strawberries going bad or turning moldy, immediately remove it and discard it. Mold spreads easily and quickly, so its crucial to keep an eye on your strawberries for any spoilage. You dont want one bad berry to ruin the whole bunch!