Eggplants, 1 kg Bag

Category: basic, fresh vegetables, local, purple

  • Eggplants are oval with a bulbous flat bottom, and it narrows towards the green stem. The skin is smooth, glossy, and black-purple color. The flesh has a spongy-firm texture, its color is cream, and it has many edible seeds. When eggplants are cooked, they become tender and mild with a slightly bitter taste.

  • Eggplants are the best for cooked applications such as grilling, pan-frying, baking, broiling, sauteing, and roasting. Eggplants pair well with tomatoes, squashes, peppers, stewed meats, grilled and baked fish, chicken, chickpeas, lentils, herbs such as basil, mint, cilantro, and parsley, as well as cheeses. You can Eggplants as a meat substitute in many dishes such s pasta and burgers.

  • Store Eggplants in a cool and dry place to keep them for three days.

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