Potatoes, local 1.6 kg Bag

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  • Local potatoes are medium to large in size and are oblong to oval, long, and somewhat uniform in shape. The semi-smooth skin is a pale yellow to light gold with some brown specks and spots. The flesh is yellow and is firm, smooth, low in moisture, and low in sugar.

  • Local potatoes are best suited for cooked applications such as baking, mashing, frying, roasting, chopping, and boiling. Potatoes can be sliced into wedges and roasted or mashed and served alone as a side dish.

  • They will keep up to a month when stored in a cool, dark, and dry place.

  • Easy Baked Potato


    6 potatoes or enough for 1 for each person
    2 tablespoons butter melted
    salt and pepper
    1/2 cup shredded cheese parmesan


    1. Cut each potato into "fans" by cutting almost through the potato.
    2. Place the potatoes on a lined or greased baking sheet and lightly pull the pieces apart to fan them.
    3. Pour a little of the melted butter over each potato, distributing it evenly.
    4. Sprinkle each with some salt and pepper to taste.
    5. Add about a tablespoon of grated cheese on top of each potato, pushing some of the cheese into the crevices.
    6. Bake 45-60 minutes or until tender. Total time will depend on the size of your potatoes. A knife inserted into the center of a potato will show how done they are.