Mixed Vegetables bundle, carton

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This box includes a basic selection of fresh Vegetables in season. We bundle them together so you can get a good deal and make your order fast and easy.

At the moment, we include

Potato 2 kg Bag

Carrot 1 kg pack

Tomatoes Red Vin 1kg

Eggplant 1 kg Pack

Beans Bobby beans, 0.5 kg pack

Onion Red 1.6 kg bag

Spring Onions 0.2 kg pack

Capsicum Green 1 kg pack

Parsley Flat 0.1 kg pack

Cucumber 1 kg Pack

Beetroots, 2 kg Pack

Peppers, chilli green local, 0.3 kg 1 Pack

Mint Madinah 100 gm 1 Bunch

Lettuce Iceberg, single piece (def)

*The products might be replaced in case they are not available

Disclaimer: Please note that the bundle includes all products listed in the description. If your order contains additional products, items from the bundle may be mixed with other items in the same shipping carton. Rest assured, the total quantity and value of the bundle will remain the same.