Mixed fruit for office bundle, Carton


Attention all office managers and employees!

Are you looking for a fresh and healthy snack option for your team? Then our bundle offer is just what you need!

This bundle includes a carefully curated box of ready to eat mixed fresh fruit and fresh mint, perfect for those who are looking to switch things up and add a touch of healthiness to their workday.

We added fresh mint to provide the perfect refreshing touch to any tea

The best part? Our bundle offer comes with a fixed price of just 99,95!

Give your team a treat and improve their overall well-being with our mixed fresh fruit and fresh mint bundle.

  • Apple Red 1.5 kg Pack ( around 9 pieces )
  • Apple Golden 1.5 kg pack ( around 9 pieces)
  • Apple Gold Rose 1.5 kg pack ( around?9 pieces)
  • Apple Royal Gala 1.5 kg Pack ( around 9 Pieces)
  • Mint -Basil-HABAK 0.1kg 1 bunches
  • Mint, Hasawi/Madaniy, Madina 0.1 kg 1 bunches
  • Esypeeler, Clementines, 1 kg 2 pack (around 16 pieces )
  • Banana, Baby Size, 3kg carton (around 28 pieces)
  • Almonds, All-natural 0.25 kg Bag 1 pack

*The products might be replaced in case they are not available