Mango Qalbaltor , for juice , 3 kg Carton


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Tags: Green, Red, Yemen

  • The color ranges from pink-orange, then dark red, and finally dark green when it reaches full maturity. The bull heart mango is characterized by its heart-shaped shape and in terms of size, it is very large, and in terms of color it is light green on the outside, Its color from the inside is a buttery yellow, and its peel is thin and smooth, its seed is thick and sticks to the pulp, it has a light aromatic smell, the bull heart mango is characterized by its very sweet taste and its seed does not contain fibers, and the seed is medium in size.

  • You can eat mango fresh or add it to salads. Also, you can use mangoes to make juices and baked goods.

  • Mangoes that are still firm will continue to ripen if stored at room temperature. Once fully ripe, they can be stored in the refrigerator for about 5 days.