Lemons Amalfi , leafy, thick zest, 1 kg pack

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  • Amalfi Coast lemons are an impressive lemon variety. The Italian name Sfusato Amalfitano refers to the fruit's tapered shape, distinctively different than the rounder varieties of lemons grown elsewhere in Italy. Amalfi Coast lemons are also larger on average than other varieties, with each fruit weighing at least 100 grams. The medium to thick skin is a pale yellow color. The rind has an especially intense lemon aroma because of the essential oils it contains. Inside, the flesh is acidic, semi-sweet, and very juicy. Amalfi Coast lemons tend to contain few seeds.

  • Amalfi Coast lemons are traditionally used to make cocktails, are served on the side of salads and meals as a dressing, or even served with coffee. They are particularly good to use for cooking because of their flavor and lack of seeds. Pair with fish for a classic taste. The zest and flesh are useful in baking and are key bases in several desserts from the region as well.

  • Lemons store best in plastic bags in the refrigerator and will keep for up to a month.