Avocados Hass, 1 kg pack

Category: fresh fruit, green, Kenya

  • Hass avocados have pebbly skin that ripens from green to deep purple or nearly black, and they can vary in size from 5 to 12 ounces. Although the skin is thick, it is relatively easy to peel. The flesh closest to the skin is pale green, and as it nears the medium-sized central stone, it develops a yellow undertone. The flesh is soft, creamy, and barely fibrous, with good oil content. The flavor is rich and nutty with a slightly sweet finish.

  • You can add avocado to salads, soups, grill it, pickle it, and you can use it in smoothies by combining it with other green leafy vegetables and fruits.

  • You can store avocados at room temperature until fully mature. Ripe avocados will keep for 2-3 days in the refrigerator, while cut avocados will keep for a day or two. When the flesh of the avocado is exposed to air, it will become darker. To prevent that, cut avocado, sprinkle it with lemon juice or vinegar, and cover it in plastic wrap before refrigerating.

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