Avocados Hass, 1 kg pack

Category: fresh fruit, green, Kenya

  • Hass avocados have a pebbly skin that ripens from green to deep purple or nearly black, and they can vary in size from 5 to 12 ounces. Although the skin is thick, it is relatively easy to peel. The flesh closest to the skin is pale green, and as it nears the medium-sized central stone it develops a yellow undertone. The flesh is soft, creamy, and barely fibrous, with good oil content. The flavor is rich and nutty with a slightly sweet finish. When it comes to nutritional content, Hass avocados are higher in fat than other varieties, which gives them a richer taste and smoother, creamier texture. 80% of avocados consumed in the world are Hass avocados, meaning all other varieties make up only a small proportion of the remaining 20%.

  • Avocados can be added to many recipes to add a delicious taste and a nutritional boost. Avocado can be added to salads, to avocado soups, it can be grilled, pickled and it can be used in smoothies by combining it with other green leafy, vegetables and fruits.