Apples, Kanzi, 1 Kg Pack

Category: fresh fruit, New Zealand, red

  • Kanzi means hidden treasure in Swahili, and that's for a good reason! Every Kanzi apple is a treasure in its own, which is cherished and loved 365 days a year by the grower. The apple is only harvested when it s perfect because only with the renowned blushing red peel and ideal maturing is a Kanzi apple ready to seduce you. The sweet and sour flavor of the crunchy Kanzi apple will create balance of flavor and add texture to your favorite dishes.

  • There are no boundaries when it comes to using Kanzi apples as a flavorsome ingredient in almost any dish. So go ahead, indulge and experiment with Kanzi apples maybe you will find new favorite dishes and at least extend your repertoire as a chef! The Kanzi apple is perfect for a crisp snack but is also great in fresh salads, homemade pies, sweet jams, and refreshing drinks!

  • The optimum storage temperature for apples depends on the variety, but all are within the range from 30 to 40?F.Apples are moderately susceptible to freeze damage. Temperatures more than 1 or 2 degrees below freezing should be avoided.

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