Tomato, cherry yellow 0.25 kg pack

Category: fresh vegetables, Holland, yellow

Yellow cherry tomatoes are slightly less acidic than red varieties, and therefore they are somewhat milder and sweeter in flavor. Yellow cherry tomatoes are tender-firm and thin-skinned with two seed cavities carrying tiny, edible seeds. The indeterminate tomato plants have strong vines that produce high yields of the small yellow fruit, about one inch in diameter, throughout the season.

Yellow cherry tomatoes can be used in any recipe calling for cherry tomatoes. They can even replace larger varieties in fresh and raw dishes, although it is more practical to use larger tomatoes for cooked dishes, as it will take far more cherry tomatoes than their larger counterparts for certain recipes. Eat Yellow cherry tomatoes in their natural season of ripeness for their best flavor. When substituting in a recipe, it is advisable to note their level of sweetness before use, as it will vary from the variety called for in the recipe. Choice pairings with Yellow cherry tomatoes include avocados, corn, chilies, arugula, watermelon, new potatoes, zucchini, and herbs such as basil, lemon verbena, and mint.

Cherry tomatoes should be stored at room temperature for two to three days, away from direct sunlight, until ready to use. Refrigerate only fully ripe cherry tomatoes to keep from ripening any further and slow the process of decay. Bring the refrigerated cherry tomatoes to room temperature before serving raw, or use them in cooked recipes.