Melon Galia , single piece

Category: fresh fruit, Holland, yellow

  • The Galia melon has a yellow to orange skin that is covered in light golden-tan netting. The shape is round and the size is medium-small compared to the other varieties.
    Its flesh is pale green with a succulent texture that has a signature spicy-sweet flavor with tropical and perfumed aromatics. Unlike many other melon varieties, the tenderness of the stem end of the melon is not a good indicator of ripeness, rather, ripeness should be determined by the color and development of a distinct musky aroma. The more orange in color the exterior skin of the Gaila melon the higher the sugar content of the flesh of the melon will be.?

  • Store?unripe melons at room temperature. Refrigerate ripe melons in a plastic bag for up to 2 or 3 days.