Grapes, White Seedless *Cotton Candy*, 0.5 kg punnet

Category: fresh fruit, green, Italy

  • These plump, juicy, all-natural green grapes are one of our newest varieties, and they're one that everyone is excited about. Cotton Candy grapes taste exactly like the pink spun-sugar treat you loved as a kid at the circus and we mean exactly. Pop some in your mouth, close your eyes, and you're that kid again! And here's a bonus: these grapes aren't sticky and loaded with granulated sugar like the fluffy stuff you munched on back in the day. But they're just as sweet and much juicier. This is fresh fruit you can snack on all you want. Everyone who's tried these one-of-a-kind grapes has had a jaw-dropping, totally amazed, reaction.

    The amazing flavor of Cotton Candy grapes generated real media buzz. National news magazine shows like The Today Show and Good Morning America gushed over these grapes. Bloggers like raved about them. Ryan Seacrest talked about them on his syndicated radio show.

  • The ideal condition for grapes is 30 ? 32 F with 90 ? 95 percent relative humidity. Grapes generally have a much longer shelf life than other berries but they still need care to keep them at their best. Do not store grapes near a cooling unit's direct air path to avoid accelerated dehydration.