Blueberries , 12x0.125 Kg carton

Category: blue, fresh fruit, Peru

  • Blueberries grow on low creeping shrubs or tall erect bushes, depending upon variety. The small round berries can range in size from 5-16 millimeters in diameter. They first appear green, but ripen into a deep shade of dusty blue. The soft, hazy white coating that develops on the skins' surface, which is known as the bloom, is a natural waterproofing which helps protect the berries from the sun and other natural elements.

  • Blueberries have a sweet and woodsy flavor?with an acidity that can vary depending upon growing conditions. Long sunny days and warm temperatures develop a higher sugar content, while cooler temperatures and shorter days with limited sunlight increase acidity. After harvest some plants lose their leaves while other varieties retain their foliage year-round, becoming a colorful mix bronze, red and purple in the autumn.

  • Commonly relegated for the usual pies and jams, Blueberries are just as appropriate in savory applications as they are in sweet dishes.

  • Proper storage for blueberries is around 0C, with a relative humidity from 90 to 95% that provides a storage life of 10 to18 days

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