Lettuce, baby red chard 0.125 kg pack

Category: fresh vegetables, green, Italy, NEW_product

Baby Red Swiss chard are small delicate leaves that resemble young beet greens or baby red spinach, which are both in the same family. Less is more in the case of Baby Red Swiss chard. The leaves are more delicate and more sweet than their mature counterparts. They lack the developed bitterness and earthiness that makes chard varieties unfavorable to many palates. The elongated oval leaves have delicate, thin red stems and veins. The mildly sweet flavor is spinach-like and slightly earthy with a sweet nutty finish.

Baby Red Swiss chard can be used in any recipe calling for spinach or kale, especially in the raw form. It is often found in salad mixes as an added earthy flavor and rich red color. Though raw garnishes and salad mixes are the perfect opportunity to showcase Baby Red Swiss chard's texture and flavor, it may also be cooked with other greens such as mustard, arugula, chicories, spinach, red and green lettuces. It is best only lightly sauteed or wilted with olive oil, if cooked at all. Pair with flavors such as, poultry, cream, melting, aged and blue cheeses, butter, eggs, olive oil avocados, nuts, citrus, mango, chiles, garlic, shelling beans, farro, mushrooms, ginger, fennel and shallots.