Courgette flowers , 5 single pieces

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  • Green zucchini blossoms are fragile, yet if they are attached to the fruit of the plant, the fruit will extend the blossom's shelf-life. The tissue paper-thin blossoms are faintly fuzzed, lightweight, and once mature their broad and pointed flower petals will close inward. The blossom's coloring is vibrant orange at its tip, with variegations of gold and green running along with the petals to its stem end. Their flavor is subtle and similar to that of the zucchini, slightly sweet, grassy, and succulent. The fruit of the baby green zucchini is lean, petit, and cylindrical. Its skin is glossy and deep green in color with faint cream freckles. Its flesh is crisp and creamy with an underdeveloped seed cavity due to its youth. Its flavor, is peppery and complex with grassy undertones, creating a perfect contrast to the more subtle flavors of the flower.

  • Baby Green zucchini with flowers can be prepared raw or cooked. The blossoms can easily be removed from the stem of the fruit, allowing for dual preparations. Both raw blossoms and sliced zucchini can be added to salads. The most common way to serve the blossoms cooked is to stuff with soft cheese and pan or deep fry. The blossoms and the fruit can be chopped and added to risotto and pasta, used as a filling for tacos and quesadillas, or cooked atop pizza. The flavor of baby Green zucchini with flower pairs well with tomatoes, garlic, red bell pepper, black beans, cilantro, pine nuts, olive oil, and ricotta cheese.

  • Both the extremely delicate blossoms and the attached squash have a very short shelf life if you must wash the blossoms do so very carefully or simply look over and remove debris with a gentle touch. They should be used immediately or to store keep in a dry and airtight container in the refrigerator for one or two days.