Tomatoes Kumato, 1 kg pack

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  • Kumato tomatoes ripen from the inside out, their color changing naturally from dark brown to a golden green, and they are unique in that they are edible in all stages of ripeness. When dark brownish red with no green in sight, the flavor is mild and is best used for cooking. When brownish in color and brushed with red, these tomatoes are at the peak of flavor, and when brownish with a slight green overcast, they are at their ideal eating stage. Kumato tomatoes are perfectly round and are about the size of a golf ball, and they grow on indeterminate or vining plants.

  • Kumato tomatoes are very juicy and firm in texture, which makes them excellent for using fresh salads. Try using in a Caprese salad, or even simply drizzle them with olive oil and a shake of salt. Their unique color and incredible flavor make them a great choice for any tomato-based recipe.

  • Kumato tomatoes are vine-ripened and ready to enjoy as soon as you get them, or they can be stored at room temperature for several days. Only refrigerate cut or extra ripe tomatoes, as the cold will reduce their natural sugar leading to a loss of flavor.