Tomatoes Dutch, round, red, 1 kg pack

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  • Dutch tomatoes, aptly named for their origin ,?have a classic tomato flavor, however, depending upon the variety, they can also be sweet to the taste. They are heavy, reaching weights as high as four pounds, and they range in color from pink, to vibrant red, to orange. Most are smooth in shape. When growing tomatoes, there are two main distinctions in the plant itself: determinate v. indeterminate. Determinate tomatoes bloom and set fruit all at once and then decline. Their blossoms grow at the ends of shoots, thus stopping growth and determining their length. Indeterminate tomatoes continue to grow and to produce tomatoes throughout the summer because the flowers grow along the vines rather than at the ends.

  • Try them in a stacked salad, sliced lengthwise and layered with avocado and mozzarella. Dice them and cook them down with garlic, olive oil, and fresh herbs for a quick pasta sauce.

  • Tomatoes should be stored at room temperature until ripe, after which refrigeration can slow decay.