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Snake fruit, Salak ,salacca zalacca 0.5 kg pack


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  • Snake fruit is like the size and shape of a fig. It grows on short-trunked palm trees, sprouting off the base of the palm in tiny clusters. The plants have large, spiked stems and leaves, growing up to six meters long. The skin of snake fruit is dark to light reddish-brown, shiny, and sometimes covered in spikes. It is easy to peel off the skin by breaking the tip. There are three white lobes of juicy pulp underneath the skin, and they look like peeled cloves of garlic but crunchy like apples with large hard, dark-brown inedible seeds. The taste of snake fruit is a blend of apple, pineapple, and banana. It has the sweetness of honey with an acidic finish, leaving a citrusy tingle on the tongue and leaning sweeter or sour depending on the variety.

  • You can eat snake fruit fresh, and it can be pickled, juiced, canned, and dried.

  • Fresh snake fruit must be always stored in the refrigerator. And dried snake fruit should be stored in a cool dry place.