Pumpkin, squash, Baladi, Single Piece

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  • Pumpkin squash is medium to large in size, averaging?5 kg, and is round with a flattened shape. The thick, fine-textured, firm flesh is a vibrant orange. When cooked, Pumpkin is tender, has a mild, spicy scent, and a sweet flavor.

  • Pumpkin squash is best suited for cooked applications such as roasting, sauteing, baking and grilling, but it can also be consumed raw and used for a variety of sweet applications. The large squash should be cut from the center, like a pie, and requires a very sharp knife. Roast wedges or diced pieces and serve as is, use in pies, baked goods, soups, or sauces. Incorporate into risotto, pasta, or green salads.

  • Freeze cut pieces of squash for up to six months.