Peas fresh in pod, 0.5 kg pack


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  • peas have a large grass-green, pod enclosing its round, sweet peas. The pods grown on vines and are not palatable, but the peas inside may be eaten fresh, cooked or dried.

  • Fresh peas are sweet and tender enough to be eaten raw but may also be prepared cooked. Blanch fresh peas briefly, then drain and process with cilantro, garlic, and parmesan into a spread for sandwiches or dip. Toss fresh peas with baby lettuce, vinaigrette, radishes, chopped walnuts, and goat cheese for a spring salad. Cook diced onion, potato, and peas in vegetable stock, then puree into the soup and serve topped with fresh mint.

  • To store, wrap unwashed pea pods in a perforated plastic bag and refrigerate. For optimum quality and taste, use peas within two to three days of purchase.