Peaches white 1 kg pack

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  • Australian white peaches are low in acid, allowing for their natural sweetness to be more pronounced. Their skin is fuzzy and creamy white in color with blushes of red and pink. When ripe and at room temperature, the fruit releases sweet aromatics. Like yellow-fleshed peaches and nectarines, the amount of red or pink tones in the skin will differ with each variety but has no bearing on the ripeness.

  • White peaches can be substituted for yellow peaches in fresh recipes. White peaches have a much more delicate flavor and texture, though. Because of this, they tend to fall apart when cooked. Use these peaches in recipes where very little cooking is needed. Peeling White peaches will enhance their flavor. They are wonderful fresh out of hand or sliced in both fruit and green salads. Serve alongside grilled meats or diced atop fish tacos for a sweet salsa. As a dessert, White peaches are great when paired with fresh cream or yogurt.

  • Peaches store best at room temperature but can also be stored in the refrigerator to prolong their shelf life.