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Paksoy baby , Thai, 0.5 kg pack


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  • Paksoy baby, Thai, 0.5 kg pack has curved stems connected to oval-shaped leaves, averaging 20-25 centimeters in length, and are loosely clustered to a bulbous base. The firm stems range in color from white to pale green, depending on the variety, and are crunchy with a slightly fibrous texture. Connected to the stems, the dark to pale green leaves are crisp, glossy, and pliable with prominent white veining extending across the surface. Both the leaves and stems are edible, and Paksoy baby, Thai, 0.5 kg pack has a crisp, chewy consistency when raw with a green, sweet, and mustard-like taste. When Pac Choi is cooked, it develops a tender texture, and the flavor mellows to a taste similar to common cabbage and spinach.

  • Paksoy baby, Thai, 0.5 kg pack is best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as steaming, boiling, grilling, braising, and sauteing. When raw, the stems and leaves have a mildly pungent, mustard-like flavor that is suitable for fresh salads and slaws. The stems can also be used as a crunchy vessel for dips and spread on appetizer platters. Paksoy baby, Thai, 0.5 kg pack is mainly associated with Asian cuisine and can be finely chopped and stuffed into dumplings or fresh spring rolls, halved or quartered into soups, braised and mixed into noodle dishes, lightly stir-fried, and served as an accompaniment to cooked meats, or pickled for extended use.

  • Extend the shelf life of this vegetable by transporting and storing it no warmer than 6C.