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Mangoes, Tommy Atkins for juice, 2 Kg Pack

Category: fresh fruit, orange, red, south, south Africa, yellow

  • Tommy Atkins mangoes are a medium to large sized mango variety weighing up to two pounds each. They are broadly oval shaped with a green skin almost always covered with a dark red blush with occasional orange or yellow accents. The smooth skin is covered with small, yellow-green lenticels (pores) that appear like freckles. The skin is thick, protecting the firm, deep yellow flesh during shipping. Tommy Atkins mangoes are juicy, with a somewhat fibrous flesh, and a mildly sweet taste. The fruit must be lightly squeezed to determine ripeness.

  • Tommy Atkins mangoes can be used for both fresh or cooked applications.?
    The Tommy Atkins mango can be sliced and served fresh or diced and added to fruit salads for a bit of tropical flavor.

  • Medium?ripe ?Tommy Atkins? and ?Palmer? mangoes can be stored for a maximum of 8?9 days at 2C, respectively, without showing major signs of chilling after the transfer to ambient temperature.

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