Mangoes, Timour, 2.5 KG carton

  • Timour mango has an oval shape, small-to-medium size, turning to a light yellow color at maturity, some with a minor amount of pinkish blush. The flesh is yellow, soft, and completely fibreless. Timour mangoes are mostly coming from Yemen and they are in season for a long time, starting in February-March.

  • Timour mango can be eaten raw or in as a juice

  • Timour mangoes can be stored for a maximum of 8 to 9 days at 2C

  • Mango Juice


    6 mangoes
    1 cup sugar or as you like
    2 cups ice cubes
    2 cups water


    1. Wash and clean the mangoes.
    2. Slice them and scoop out the flesh.
    3. Add the flesh, sugar, and water to the blender.
    4. Blend them until it forms a smooth pulp.
    5. Strain it to filter fibers and small chunks.
    6. Add required water, ice cubes, and sugar and combine.
    7. Serve chilled in tall glasses. Enjoy!