Mango, Nam Dok Mai, Thai Honey, single piece

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  • Thai Honey mangoes are elongated and slender with one end more rounded and the other end tapering to a slight point. Thai Honey mangoes have a light yellowish-green skin when young and mature to a deep golden yellow color when ripe. These mangoes are very aromatic and will present a slightly wrinkled skin when fully ripe and boast a super sweet, rich, honey flavor. The firm flesh is free of fibers and features a buttery texture and deep yellow color. The stone is relatively thin and small. These mangoes are quite expensive as they are transported by air. A short trip allows the farmer to pick them only when they are ripe and the consumer to receive them within few hours when they are still fresh and full of flavor.

  • Thai Honey mangoes can be eaten both when raw (mature) and when ripe. When still green, the Thai Honey mangoes are peeled, the flesh cut away from the thin stone, and sliced to be eaten with dipping sauces. The green Thai Honey mangoes are also used to make pickles and preserves, traditional uses for raw mangoes in Thailand. When fully ripe (about a week after picking), Thai Honey mangoes are often eaten just as is. When prepared for dessert, Thai Honey mangoes are pureed, dried, and candied, and juiced for beverages. For the traditional dessert Khao Niaow Ma Muang, Thai mango with sticky rice, the mangoes are simply sliced and put over the rice and smothered in a coconut cream sauce.