Lettuce radicchio tardivo , 0.4 kg pack


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  • Tardivo radicchio is an Italian heirloom variety known as Fiori d'Inverno, which is Italian for "winter flower". Tardivo radicchio has unique, long, and slender burgundy leaves with white ribs that are oftentimes tinged with lime green. Its unique shape and coloring are achieved through a forcing growth technique that takes place after its initial harvest. Tardivo radicchio has crisp leaves that are somewhat splayed out like fingers. Tardivo Radicchio offers a strong bitter flavor.

  • The crisp texture and bitter flavor of the Tardivo radicchio are often served as a side dish, roasted or grilled and drizzled with olive oil. The late radicchio of Treviso can be added to risotto, red sauces, and stews or baked into a strudel or quiche. The crisp leaves are also eaten raw. Its flavor and texture marry well with citrus segments, fruity olive oil, tomato, vinegar, olives, garlic, and shallots.

  • Tardivo radicchio is best kept wrapped in plastic in the refrigerator and consumed within two weeks.