Leeks baby 0.2 kg pack

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  • Baby leeks do not form bulbs or produce cloves like their Allium cousins, rather they simply develop a sleek edible cylindric stem. Baby leeks more closely resemble Spring Onions AKA scallions, as they have yet to plumpen their stem or create thick green fanned foliage like mature leeks. Their snow white stalk with green tips are petite and slim; their youthful stage offers more advantageous culinary benefits such as tender, consistently moist flesh and milder sweeter flavor. Baby leeks are crisp when raw, developing a melting quality when cooked. Baby leeks are entirely edible, including the roots.

  • Baby leeks are mild enough to eat raw, well-textured enough for withstanding long cooking periods. They are perfect for classic recipes such as pot pies, leek tarts and hearty soups. Baby leeks are a great salad or pizza ingredient, can be carmelized when sauted with olive oil or butter and added to potato dishes and pastas. Grilling leeks imparts rich smokiness. Baby leeks should be blanched prior to grilling, so they retain their coloring and don't over burn. Baby leeks pair well with cream sauces such as bchamel, cheeses, especially goat, cheddar and aged sheep's cheese, bread crumbs, poultry, grilled and smoked white fish, apples, fennel, garlic, mustard, cooked eggs, tomatoes and vinaigrettes.

  • Store uncut and unwashed leeks in the fridge to keep them fresh the longest. Consider wrapping them in plastic or using a plastic bag if other foods absorb their smell. If you're going to use your leeks within a couple of days, leaving them at room temperature is okay.