bottle gourd, calabash, cucuzza squash 2 kg pack

Category: fresh vegetables, green, local

  • Cucuzza squash, known for its extreme length, can grow anywhere from fifteen inches to three feet in length and can be upwards of three inches in diameter. Its shape can be long and straight or can have a slight curvature. Its pale green skin is thin yet inedible and encases a creamy white flesh. The Cucuzza squash contains seeds that are edible when the squash is young but when mature become hard and should be discarded before eating. When young the Cucuzza squash offers a slightly nutty, rich squash flavor with a relatively firm texture similar to that of cucumber and zucchini. Look for Cucuzza squash with smooth, bruise free skin and with the stem still attached as it will continue nourishing the squash up to one month after picking.

  • Cucuzza squash is used predominately in dishes that require cooking and they should be peeled prior to use. When cooked, it retains its firm texture. Its culinary uses are seemingly limitless and depending upon maturity level of the squash it can be used in recipes that call for summer squash or winter squash. When young Cucuzza squash can prepared in a fashion similar to that of other summer type squashes. It can be sliced and saut?ed, grilled, fried and pickled.

  • To store, keep whole Cucuzza squash wrapped in a plastic and refrigerate. For best flavor use within one month of harvest.

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