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Lilies, Asiatic Yellow, 10 stems


Lily care advice
Lilies have one of the longest vase lifetimes of all cut flowers when properly cared for. Here is how to take care of yours:

The vase life of lilies is between 10 to 14 days. Trim the stems of your lilies by about an inch diagonally.
Take out any leaves that might sink below the water's surface. This will prolong the freshness of your lily blossoms and lessen the growth of bacteria in the water.
To avoid discoloration, remove the stamens (the orange/yellow fluffy portions that transport the pollen). The flowers' ability to last is unaffected by this. Use sticky tape to dab the stain away or gently wipe it off if pollen gets on any cloth.?

Add? 2/3 of the way full of room temperature water to your vase.
Refill the vase with water every day.
To extend the vase life, change the water and cut the stems again every few days.
Note: Since unscented versions have a substantially lower pollen content, those who suffer from hay fever should choose these. The most fragrant flowers to avoid if you have allergies are oriental lilies.

Lilies pair wonderfully with roses, sunflowers, or gladioli and look their best in bouquets with taller flowers.

Lilies can be harmful, so keep them away from kids and animals (especially cats and dogs).