Lisiantum Eustoma Dutch White XL 10 stems

This magnificent bouquet of Lisiantum Dutch White XL 10 stems is sure to brighten up any room with its vibrant white and yellow blooms. Each stem is carefully arranged by hand to create an exquisite display of colour and texture.

Instructions for taking care of your Lisiantum Dutch White XL 10 stems bouquet:

1. Remove all of the leaves that are below the water line in the vase.

2. Place the bouquet in a bright and cool area, away from direct sunlight, heaters, and air conditioning vents.

3. Change the water in the vase every 3-4 days, and add in a flower preservative solution.

4. Prune off any wilting or dying blooms.

5. Mist the leaves once a week to keep them vibrant and healthy.