Cymbidium, orchid Green, Single Stem

This stunning cymbidium stem is the perfect way to add some lush beauty to your home. The lush, vibrant green shade of this stem is sure to make a statement in your space. The single stem is the perfect size for any vase or bouquet and can be used to create a unique and eye-catching display.

To care for your cymbidium, first make sure to fill your vase with clean, lukewarm water. Cut the stem at an angle just before placing it in the water, as this will help the stem absorb water more easily. Place the stem in a bright, indirect light and try to keep the temperature in the room moderate. Change the water every 3-5 days and trim the stem at an angle every time you change the water. With proper care, this cymbidium stem should stay vibrant and beautiful for a week.