Figs white 1.3 kg box

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Figs white 1.3 kg box grow on trees that can reach up to 6 meters tall. They have thin tender skins and can range from beige or yellow to pale green. Some White figs might look floppy or damaged when they get fully ripe. The interior flesh is soft and chewy, laden with tiny edible seeds that pop and crunch. The flesh tastes like candied strawberries and raspberries.

White figs can be eaten fresh, or prepared in a number of applications. White figs are commonly dried or made into jams and jellies. Slice the figs into thin pieces and use as a garnish or on a cheese platter. Figs pair well with soft cheeses, salted meats. White figs are used to flavor desserts, like tarts and cakes. Figs can be used in many of the same applications as apples. Store ripe White figs in the refrigerator, as they are highly perishable. Take into account the delicate nature of White figs when storing, they crush easily.