Fennel, 1.5 kg Pack

Category: fresh vegetables, green, Italy

  • Fennel is a perennial herb; its height could range from 3-10 feet tall. The stems grow from the bulb, they are hollowed and thick, and there are feathery branches sprouting off the stems. When the plant matures, it creates an umbrella-shaped cluster of bright yellow flowers. Fennel looks like celery, but it has its unique taste. Crispy and crunchy when eaten raw, soft, and subtle when cooked. Fennel is an anise-like flavor more robust when eaten raw or in a salad, but you can also cook it and enjoy the taste. All the parts of Fennel are edible.

  • All the parts of Fennel are edible. You can use Fennel in cooked and raw applications. You can add Fennel in green salads, risotto, pasta, pastry, and savory tarts.

  • Store the Fennel in a dry place in the refrigerator to keep for up to a week.

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