Mandarins Kinnow, 2 kg Bag

Category: fresh fruit, hide_temporary, orange, Pakistan

The 'Kinnow' is a high yield mandarin hybrid cultivated extensively in the wider Punjab region of India and Pakistan.

It is a hybrid of two citrus cultivars ? 'King' (Citrus nobilis) ? 'Willow Leaf' (Citrus ? deliciosa)?

The fruit matures in January or February. It peels easily and has a high juice content.

The high seed content in this variety is a major hindrance in out-of-hand eating.?

Most of the target export markets of Indian and Pakistani 'Kinnow' are those of developing countries.

Some important export markets for 'Kinnow' are Iran, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Russia and Vietnam.

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