Algae Flakes, "seaweed" 0.05 kg pot

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The typical green colour and the texture in the mouth make Algae flakes a unique asset in the kitchen.

Africa, Asia, Australia, Central Europe, North America, North Europe, South America, South Europe
Taste / Aroma
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Coquille St Jacques, Herring, Lobster, Mushroom, Mussel, Oyster, Strawberry
12-16 C, Dry

Algae Flakes Taste Umami Usage In Asian cooking, in salads, with fish, crustaceans and shellfish, in sauces, in rice dishes like sushi or risotto and even in desserts Availability Year round Storage Up to two years Taste and Usage Algae Flakes are particularly suitable for adding color and flavor to various dishes. Depending on the main ingredient, they add a salty subtle fish flavor. But in combination with white chocolate a sweet accent. The typical green color and mouth feel makes 100% Algae flakes a unique asset in the kitchen. Origin These algae are a source of chlorophyll (leaf green) and contain a high content (> 60%) of proteins, vitamins, trace elements and Omega 3 fatty acids. Algae can become an important and sustainable replacement for animal protein.

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