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Coconut, Young, drinking, Single Piece

Category: fresh fruit, Thailand, White

It has a refreshing juice inside and a sweet and soft jelly-like meat that is soft enough to be eaten with a spoon. Known as Ma- Prao-on, it?s harvested early before it has time to age and drop like the more mature brown husked and white coconuts. Are encased with a uniquely shaped ivory shell. It?s available all year round.

Young coconuts make the perfect desserts as they are used to flavor many backed goods, ice creams, pies and beverages. The fresh coconut water can be frozen and eaten like a sorbet. Or you can blend the coconut water and flesh making a smoothie or a paste for soups. You can also add dates, maple syrup, avocados or other ingredients to have a variety of flavors

To store, always refrigerate.