Cherries ,red, 5 kg, carton

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  • Cherries are small, stone fruits that average 2 to 4 cm in diameter.

    They have an oval, ovate or cordate shape and attach to slender, flexible, fibrous, green-brown stems.

    The fruit's outer surface is smooth, shiny, semi-thin, and taut. It can be a solid shade of bright red or dark, almost black, as well as a variety of colors such as red-yellow orange, red-yellow and ruby.

    The flesh underneath the surface can be soft or firm depending on the variety. It is usually aqueous, pink or red, and tender.

    A central pit is either tightly attached or loosely attached.

    The flavor of cherries varies depending on their sugar acid and variety. The sweet flavor of sweet cherries is balanced and sweet-tart with fruity nuances. Sour Cherries have a higher acidity which contributes to tart, tangy and unfavorable flavors when raw. To make the fruit sweeter, sweeteners are often added to cooked recipes. Cherry trees are well-known for their five-petaled, white-pink flowers. When in bloom, the delicate blossoms add beauty and ornament to the tree canopy.
  • Cherries are mildly sweet and versatile. They can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

    Sweet Cherries can be eaten raw or blended into smoothies. You can make salsa from the fruits, add them to sauces like barbeque or simmer them in jams, jellies, and compotes.

  • Whole, unwashed Cherries can be stored in the fridge with the stems intact for up to seven days. For extended storage, the fruits can be frozen, dried, or canned

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