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Asparagus white 0,5 kg bunch

Category: France, fresh vegetables, White

One of the first signs of spring in Europe is the abundance of bright green asparagus spears?

A German Delicacy

In Germany, white asparagus (wei?er spargel) is celebrated (literally) with festivals from April to June. If you've never had white asparagus, it is exactly like green asparagus but without chlorophyll (the green in plants that helps generate oxygen in the photosynthesis process). It has to do with the deliberate harvesting process. Germans like it because it's sweeter and more tender than the green variety.

Harvesting Asparagus: White vs. Green?

White and green asparagus are grown the same way but there?s one huge difference in the process. White asparagus stalks are picked before they peek through the soil?they never?see the sun. The green asparagus stalks are picked after they break through the soil and are exposed to the sun to develop chlorophyll, which is what makes them green.?