Artichoke baby violet , 1 kg pack

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baby viotel artichokes are small size with some purple shades on the outer leaves that lighten as you get closer to the fuzzy choke in the center of the artichoke.? They are generally much more tender compare to the regular artichokes .

To prepare artichokes , remove one inch from the top and a half inch from the bottom and pull back the tightly packed leaves. Sit in a bowl of water with lemon until ready to prepare; this will keep it from browning while cooking. To cook, steamthem whole.

The leaves are plucked to reveal the fuzzy choke at the center of the vegetable. This is scooped out to expose the meaty center heart which runs down a portion of the stem. Fiore Viola artichoke hearts can be added to pizzas, salads, pastas and many other dishes. Artichokes are often served alone with an aioli dipping sauce or they can be stuffed.