Squash, yellow patty pan 0.2 kg pack

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  • Baby Yellow patty pan squash is saucer-shaped. Its coloring, is vibrant yellow with a green-tipped stem and blossom ends. Its flesh is crisp and succulent with a creamy white color and a moist seed cavity. Its flavors are bright, peppery, and somewhat grassy with a sweet finish. Younger summer squash is chosen over mature squash as their seeds are barely developed and the flesh has a higher moisture content than that of more mature squash. The skin of squash left on the vine for too long can become drier and thicker and its flavor can decline. The baby yellow pattypan squash plant is edible in its entirety including the fruit, leaves, and flowers.

  • Baby Yellow patty pan squash is a versatile squash, it is tender enough to be used raw but also is great for use in a variety of cooked applications. Add thin slices of raw squash to salads or sandwiches in a panini or serve atop pizzas. Sliced thin or halved they can be sauteed, braised, or steamed. They also can be cooked, pureed, and used as a thickener for soups and sauces. The unique size of this baby summer squash makes it ideal for use whole, roasted, or skewered onto kebabs and grilled. Individual squashes can also be hollowed out, stuffed, and baked.

  • To store, refrigerate unwashed squash in a plastic bag. As an immature squash, it is delicate and perishable, for optimum flavor and texture, use within a week.