Sharbatly.Club concept

Sharbatly.Club is a produce delivery and pickup service, operating exclusively in Jeddah.  is a new service operated by Mohammed Abdullah Sharbatly Co. We started from Jeddah with a modern facility and a complete fleet of trucks. Our aim is to introduce new products in the market and inform the final consumer about our fresh fruit and veg selection. And we bring it right to your door.

All the details about what to expect when you shop with us can be found in our Customer Agreement. Simply click here to review it.

For the time being we operate only in Jeddah.

Our office and warehouse are in Al Safa District, N 25 E Street

Abdallah Al-Sharbatly Street (2053)

PO Box 4150, Jeddah 21491, Saudi Arabia

Tel. + 966 12 679 0000

It's simple! In the cart page you can see our available timeslots for the next 4 days . If you find a timeslot and the time is not exceeding 11am , you can order for the same-day delivery.

Due to the current COVID19 regulations we do not commit on a specific time for the delivery. Every order can be deliver from 2pm to 10pm , the same day you selected in the cart page.

To join the .club just register at our website An account will be automatically generated. It is free of charge

We're always looking for people to join our team! Send us an email at

Account setting

Click here to change your password.

Simple. Just click here. We'll ask you to supply your email address and then we'll send you an e-mail containing a secure link that you can use to change your password and start shopping again.

Each time you place an order , the info are requested during the checkout process. If you wish to change the address in our records, 

You can just login in your account and enter in “MY ACCOUNT” section where you can update all the details in “EDIT PROFILE sub section” , including name , surname , newsletter subscription.

SMS alerts are automatic. When the driver is on the way , an SMS will be sent to you with all his details , so you can call him in case you need to.  does not charge you to use this service.  SMS is currently available on STC, Mobily and Zein

Issues with an order

At the moment we cannot change the orders composition but you can decide to cancel an order at any time before the order cutoff deadline ,at 11 am the day of the delivery. You must complete the cancellation process for your request to be accepted since the transition into producing orders begins precisely at the order cutoff deadline. Our order processing system is automated and manual accommodations cannot be made.

To avoid being charged for an order you wish to cancel, we must receive your cancellation before the deadline. For orders cancelled after the deadline, there is a restocking fee of 100% of the cost of perishable items in the order.

If you miss the deadline, but for some reason still cannot accept your order, please email the Customer Service at

To view your delivery details or to see which items you ordered, visit “MY ACCOUNT”.  orders are designed to arrive within the time-slot you select. If unforeseen events will cause your order to be late, we will reschedule it.

The driver should handover an invoice , however in the exceptional circumstances , this might not be possible. Please check the section “MY ACCOUNT” on the website to review your orders.

Moreover ,you can find a full packing slip on your box lid

If you are not satisfied with the products, you can always open a claim within 24 hours from the delivery time. Please contact the customer service by whatsAPP at 0507716161 or by email at so we can take care of you. Please contact us before discarding any item that you are not satisfied with, as we may ask for a picture or withdrawal as part of our quality assurance program to help improve future deliveries.

Unless there's something wrong with the item, unfortunately we can't offer a refund for any perishable items you change your mind about after your delivery.

Please note that fresh fruit and veg cannot be returned under any circumstance. Being fresh food and mostly because of health and safety reasons, the products have to be disposed of if they cannot be consumed.

Please contact the customer service at to let us know about any issue so we can take care of you.

Sometimes, items may become unavailable after you check out. We'll proceed with preparing your order so that you receive the rest of your items on time.

If your payment method was charged for an item you did not receive and the order details show that the item was sent, please contact us for a refund.

Please send us an email at  to let us know about any issues so that we can make it right.

We do our best to fulfill your order exactly the way you placed it. If we ever experience an unexpected inventory shortage, we may offer a substitute at no additional cost to you. If you're dissatisfied with the substitution, please  contact the customer service at to let us know so that we can make it right. Upon approval we can refund by discount code or directly on your credit card.

Deliveries  orders are prepared to arrive within the time-slot and day you select. If unforeseen events will cause your order to be late, we will call you.

On the day of delivery , please make sure you can attend our calls or messages so the driver can coordinate with you.

Yes you can . Just select pick-up from the cart page and follow the instructions.

In the interest of the safety of our delivery personnel, we do not deliver to walk-ups (buildings without an elevator) above the fifth floor.

Our technology cannot enforce these limits when you place an order, so we ask all our customers to abide by these service limitations, as we may limit deliveries when orders exceed these requirements. Again, this rule exists only to protect the health of our delivery staff, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We deliver only in Jeddah city in a radius of 25 km from our warehouse in al Safa. See here a clear map.

The delivery time is from 2 pm to 10 pm . An sms will be sent automatically around 20 min before the driver arrival.

There is no minimum order but the delivery is for free when you spend at least 180 sar. The delivery fee is 23 sar per each order. Orders cannot be combined

We are very sorry, but we cannot make changes to delivery timeslots on the day of delivery. We realize, however, that unplanned events occur and ask that you email our Customer Service team, to explore your options.

Since your order was produced in the overnight hours, your items have already been prepared for you. If you do not accept delivery today, we will have reschedule the delivery or cancel it. This will result in a restocking fee of 100% of the cost of perishable items in the order.

If your building has a doorman, you may authorize him to receive orders on your behalf. After your second order, we recommend selecting a neighbor to receive your order in case you're not at home when we arrive. They are responsible for keeping your perishable items cold until you pick them up, so choose a neighbor you know and trust.

If you authorize Unattended Delivery,  will leave your delivery at your preferred location at your home if you need to run out during your delivery timeslot.

If you think that you may not be home in time to receive your scheduled delivery, or if you miss your delivery, please send an email to

When you're not home during your selected timeslot, we will do our best to redeliver your order later the same day. Since your order was produced in the overnight hours, your items have already been prepared for you. If you do not accept delivery that day, we will have to donate or dispose of the perishable items. This will result in a restocking fee of 100% of the cost of perishable items in the order.

We'll always try to deliver your order directly to you. If your building has a doorman, you may authorize him to receive orders on your behalf. After your second order, we recommend selecting a neighbor to receive your order in case you're not at home when we arrive.

We offer as many timeslots as possible, while still being able to deliver on time to every customer. Our customer service agents have access to the same availability customers see on our website. Please note that every day at midnight we add  new day for deliveries so the timeslots become available for any customer to use. So feel free to check back at this key time to see if additional timeslots become available.

Our special box are means to be returned and reused . You can return your boxes to one of our crew members on your next delivery and we'll recycle them for you.

Please note that as per COVID19 prevention rule we are currently not allowed to get back any packaging  . We will switch to a disposable box until further notice.

With every order we pack, we're mindful of protecting your food while being less impactful on the planet. By combining products from a variety of departments in a single box, we can be more environmentally friendly.

Refrigerated perishables products will stay fresh in the delivery bags up to one hour after the delivery. Please unpack your goods ASAP and place them in your fridge if necessary 

No. Unfortunately, the delivery person has to move on to their next delivery, but we can pick the bags up when we deliver your next order.

You are under no obligation to tip but you can do it in cash , providing a tip if you feel that you've received a good service. personnel are not permitted to solicit tips under any circumstances. The full amount of the tip will be left to the delivery personnel who participated in the actual delivery of your order as determined under our policies.

Our products , discount code , promotions

We do our best to offer a consistent quality standard for each of our product. However, we deal mostly with fresh fruit and vegetables which cannot be standardized since they are natural products. Therefore the taste, size and color might vary according to many factors such as the origin, season and weather conditions and transportation.

No. Discount code cannot be combined;

Simply use one promo code per order . The discount code do not expire and they are not transferrable as they are linked with your account in

Discount code may be redeemed at Checkout. After filling your cart with all the food you love, simply select the delivery or pickup and click into Checkout. Look for the field labeled "Discount code" near the top of the screen. Just type the promo code into that field and click the green "Apply" button to add the code to your order.

To ensure you receive promotions and communications from us, make sure you opt in to receive  email. Simply go to “MY ACCOUNT” and to make sure you're receiving our promotional newsletter .

Please ensure that you've correctly typed or copied it into the promotion code field .Keep in mind that only one discount  code can be used on each order. If everything seems valid and the discount code fails, please contact the customer service at so our customer service team can take care of you.

No. If you've already used a discount code on a product purchase, you can't redeem the same again.

It's easy to suggest items you'd like to see at . Simply contact the customer service at to suggest your items.

Payments  accepts Visa, MasterCard credit cards as well as MADA debit cards bearing the MasterCard or Visa logo. You can also pay for your orders by APPLE PAY connected to a credit card.

You can also pay your order with cash as now we can accept cash on delivery. does not store any payment detail and will never charge your cards directly. We rely on a payment gateway that is handling all the information.

In general, we accept one form of payment for a single order. The exception to this would be an order which is paid for using a  gift card. In this case, the amount of the order will be deducted from the gift card balance and then any remaining order amount due will be deducted from the main payment method.

We do not accept paper checks but we can accept cash upon delivery.

If you want to cancel an order please contact our customer service before the cutoff time , which is 11 am the day of the delivery. The refunds generally take 3 to 5 days according to your bank procedures.

Effective 1 July 2020 , VAT is charged at 15% on orders sold by Sharbatly.Club in Saudi Arabia.

All the prices at Sharbatly.Club are inclusive of VAT. Your final price will appear only at checkout, once the shipping address is provided and all the cost calculated.


Shopping with  is fast and easy. To find our selection, simply browse our departments or use the search box to seek out all of your products. Here are some handy shopping tips to get you started:

In the Homepage click on OUR PRODUCTS to see the full range

New Arrivalsshows you what we recently added Weekly offersis a selection of at least 6 products , generally a mix of fruit and vegetables , that we discount


We automatically store your past orders, details and all, so you can reorder in minutes. However you need to select again each product since our range changes on a daily basis .

Unfortunately we cannot accept order by phone , email , WhatsApp messages . We are working to activate the new Pickup point . Stay tuned .

You cannot reserve the products until you finalize your purchase . If you place an item in the cart , it will remain there even if you logout and login again . Remember that the cart is saved in your device , not in your account . If you change device you will have to start again from the beginning.

Cutoff time is the deadline time to submit new orders, modify, or cancel existing orders. You must complete the checkout or cancellation process for your request to be accepted since the transition into producing orders begins precisely at the order cutoff deadline. At the moment the cutoff time is 11 AM.

COVID19 preventive measures

Touchless means we'll drop your order at your door, However, unless you opt into unattended delivery, you still must be present to accept the delivery.

As a fresh food company we have always been focused on food safety and hygiene. We have enhanced and re-emphasized our policies and procedures. We are following regulations and guidance provided by various government agencies and our advisors regarding employees, travel, and the coronavirus situation. We are watching the release of information closely from all relevant government agencies and will adjust our response as needed to make sure we keep our customers, our products and our employees safe.

You can opt into our unattended delivery option to avoid interaction with the delivery personnel completely or receive deliveries when you are not home.

If you opt in to unattended delivery and don't answer the door, the delivery team will leave your order on your doorstep or in a location that you designate.

To opt in, please inform our customer service in advance at

You can request an e-invoicing by email at anytime or check the section MY ACCOUNT in the website , to find all the orders .

At this time, it is our policy that we use only disposable boxes . We will start again with the reusable bags as soon as the conditions improve

Due to high demand, delivery timeslots are filling up faster than usual. We recommend submitting your order as early as possible to receive the timeslot of your choice. Please note that the new days  are released every day at midnight .