Plums, Red, 1 kg Pack

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  • They have soft skin with a dusty white-waxy coating, which gives them a white powdery bloom similar to that on grapes. They are juicy and have a taste that varies from sweet to tart, widely eaten fresh as a dessert fruit, cooked as compote or jam, or backed in many pastries.

  • You can eat the plums raw or cooked and slice them into fruits and green salads. Also, you can add them to breakfast dishes such as yogurt, cereal, and oatmeal. And you can bake them with cakes and pies.

  • You can leave the plums at room temperature to be ripened. Then when they are ripe, store them in the refrigerator for up to one week. And for extended use, you can dry or freeze, or can them.

  • Plums and Apple Puree


    2 plums
    1/2 apple (sweet variety like Fiji or Gala apples)
    1 dash cardamom powder
    1/4 cup water


    1. Wash plums well and cut them into pieces, remove the stone. Wash the apple and cut it into pieces too.
    2. In a pot, add water along with pieces of plums, apple, and cardamom powder.
    3. Cook on medium till apple gets tender. Once done, switch off the heat and let it sit for a few minutes to cool down a bit.
    4. Then run this puree through a food processor.
    5. Serve.