Pepper capsicum, baby Mixed 0.15 kg pack

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  • Holland Mini bell peppers are very small in size, typically less than six centimeters in length, and are round to slightly conical in shape, connected to a short green stem. The skin is shiny, taut, and smooth, ripening from green to yellow, orange, dark green, purple, or red, depending on the variety, when mature. Underneath the surface, the flesh is thick, crisp, and aqueous, encasing a central cavity filled with small, round, and flat cream-colored seeds. Depending on the individual pepper, the central cavity may also be seedless. Holland Mini bell peppers are crunchy with a mild and sweet flavor.

  • Mini bell peppers are best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as blistering and roasting. The crunchy flesh is showcased when consumed raw, and the peppers are promoted as bite-sized snacks, school lunches, and on-the-go meals. The peppers can also be tossed into fresh green salads, sliced and used as vessels for dips, or stuffed with cheeses, grains, or meat as an appetizer.

  • For optimum flavor and texture, the peppers should be used within one week and stored in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator.