Pears Ya, Nashi, 3 kg carton


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  • Asian pears range in size from small to medium and vary in shape from round, globular, and squat to oval with a bulbous base that tapers into a rounded top. The firm skin can be golden yellow, green, or bronze and may be smooth, have some russeting, or be covered in visible lenticels or pores. The flesh is ivory to white and is crunchy, juicy, and creamy with a central fibrous core encasing several small, brown-black seeds. Asian pears are crisp with a sweet, floral flavor, low acidity, and a fragrant aroma when ripe.

  • Ya Asian Pears are delicious cooked with Asian soups, nuts, and fruit salads.

  • To ripen, store them at room temperature. Store ripe nashi in the fridge for up to two weeks.

  • Mango Pear Salad


    8 cups chopped greens (like lettuce)
    1 mango chopped
    1 pear chopped (and peeled if desired)
    1/2 cup pomegranate seeds
    1/2 cup almonds


    1. Place the greens in a large salad bowl.
    2. Add the remaining ingredients and toss.
    3. Dress this salad with citrus vinaigrette or another dressing of your choice. If you won't be eating the whole salad in one sitting, only dress the portion you'll be eating.