Pears Celina red blushed 1 kg pack

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  • Red Celina pears are small and have a true piriform shape, with a short neck and bulbous base. They ripen from a yellow-green to an all-over ruby red. The skin is smooth and dotted with lenticels, or pores, indicative of the fruit's the higher sugar content. They are harvested when just mature and ripen to a brilliant red color of the tree. The pear's cream-colored flesh is fine-grained, crisp and juicy, and offers a sweet taste.

  • Red Celina pears can be enjoyed raw or cooked. After washing the pears, slice into rounds or quarters and add to green salads, or fruit salads. They can be sliced and used for pies, tarts, scones, or other baked goods. Add them to savory tomato salsas, slaws, potato soups, or grilled cheese sandwiches. They make excellent poached pears and stand up well to cooking.

  • Red Celina pears will continue to ripen once harvested and ripen anywhere from several days to a week at room temperature. Once ripe, they will keep in the refrigerator for up to a week.