Mango Ewees, 3 Kg Carton

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Mango Ewes are green and yellow colored, and the flesh is bright yellow. The shape is oval and medium in size, the skin is smooth and thick. And the seed of mango ewes is medium in size and has less fiber than other kinds of mangoes. The taste of this mango is very sweet. You will enjoy eating it since it is sweet and has less fiber.


Ripeness Disclaimer
for This Product Please note that this product may be delivered unripe depending on factors beyond our control, such as like seasonality, variety, and supplier. Our priority is to ensure that the fruits arrive in a state that maintains freshness and prevents spoilage during transit.
Ripening Tips for This Product:
Store it at room temperature.,, in a paper bag along with bananas or apples to help speed up the ripening. For any questions, our customer support is here to assist.