Lettuce frisee green , single piece

  • Frisee is bright to light green at its leaf tips fading to a pale yellow to white at its core. The lacy green leaves offer a slightly bitter flavor and tender texture. The white to yellow center has a subtle crunch and offers a much milder flavor than the leaf tips. The gradient coloring is a result of a common growing process used in chicory and endive production where greens are shielded from light for a period of time during growth.

  • Frisee is most often used raw in fresh applications though it can also be wilted or sauted to mellow its bitterness. Utilize Frisee to add texture and crunch to leafy green, stacked and lightly chopped salads. Frisee is a hardy green and will maintain its texture when paired with warm ingredients making it ideal as part of a salad bed for grilled steak, salmon and chicken. The bitter flavor of Frisee marries well sweet, sour and salty accompaniments such as orange segments, pomegranate seeds, pears,, garlic, anchovies, poached egg, toasted walnuts, balsamic vinegar and robust creamy cheeses such as blue and goat.

  • Frisee will keep, refrigerated, for one to two weeks.