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Lemons, 1 kg Bag

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  • Lemons are heavily utilized as a flavoring agent in various forms. The fruit is ovate with pointed ends. Its peel is semi-thick, porous, and laden with essential oils. The bright yellow thin outer layer of the peel is very edible and used for multiple applications. When the peel is removed or zested it releases intense sweet citrus aromas. The flesh is translucent yellow and juicy when ripe. Its juice is highly acidic and tart, though extremely versatile in its uses. Depending on the variety, lemons may contain no seeds or numerous seeds.

  • Lemons are versatile and can be added to a wide variety of dishes across almost every cuisine. Add juice or zest to soups, dips, mayonnaise, and whipped cream. Cook whole lemon slices into marmalade or cook with eggs and butter into curd. Pack lemon slices in salt to preserve. Flavor cakes, bread, or scones. Make scented sugar by rubbing the lemon zest into sugard granules. Juice fresh lemons and combine with sugar and water to make lemonade, add to cocktails or freeze into a granita. Mix with oil for a vinaigrette.

  • Fresh lemons will keep at room temperature or refrigerated for 1-2 weeks.

  • Lemon Juice


    4 large lemons
    1 cup lemon juice
    2 liters water
    1/4 cup sugar (optional or to taste)
    1 lemon (small, sliced Garnish, optional)


    1. Roll the lemons on the worktop in a circular motion or roll between your palms. This is so they are easy to juice.
    2. Cut each lemon into 2 equal parts and juice.
    3. Pour the freshly squeezed lemon juice into a pitcher then add in 2 liters of cold water.
      Add in the sliced lemons (Optional) and sugar if using.
    4. Stir well and put in the fridge to chill for at least 30 minutes or immediately serve on ice.