Guanabana , single piece , 2 kg


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  • The Guanabana is a large, crooked heart-shaped fruit with small spike-like protrusions. The skin is dark-green and turns slightly yellowish-green when ripe. When ready to eat the fruit is very soft to the touch and begins to break down quickly. The white flesh is custard-like and sweet; the juicy, segmented pulp contains large black seeds. The aroma has been likened to pineapple or banana, with a uniquely acidic flavor.

  • Guanabana is most typically used to make a sweet beverage. The fruit is ideal for processing and preservation. The pulp is pushed through a sieve or cheesecloth and the resulting juice is mixed with milk or water and sweetened. The pulp can be frozen and eaten or used to create jellies, syrups, or nectar.

  • The shelf-life of this fruit is only a few days at room temperature.

  • Guanabana Juice


    1 Guanabana (peeled and seeded)
    1/2 gallon of water
    1 cup sugar


    1. In the blender vase, combine the?guanabana with 1/2 gallon of water and blend until the guanabana has dissolved. Use a strainer to remove solids.
    2. Add sugar to taste and stir.
    3. Add ice and serve, or refrigerate in a covered container for up to 48 hours.